Specialist Modules for

Developing Emotional Resilience, Tolerance of Uncertainty and Agility



Uncertainty Emotional Resilience Change
Leading in uncertain times Developing personal emotional resilience Dealing with resistance to change
Solving difficult and ambiguous problems Developing emotionally resilient teams Preparing the organisation for change
Agile leadership Emotional resilience for leaders Increasing organisational change capability
Coping with uncertainty Emotional resilience for managers Culture change – what works and what doesn’t
Dealing with role ambiguity   How to get people to change
Developing strategy in times of uncertainty   Reducing the fear of change



All of our modules are designed to 'drop-in' to existing management, leadership and general development programmes



Leading others through uncertainty

This module is part of our leadership track and equips leaders with the thinking, mind-set, attitudes, knowledge and skills required to inspire, motivate and guide organisations and teams through uncertain times and situations.


Leading others through uncertain times



 Solving difficult and ambiguous problems

This is a very popular module that is used with project teams, managers, leaders and as a stand alone set of workshops. The module shows people step-by-step how to make sense of uncertain and ambiguous situations and data, solve difficult problems and make decisions in times of uncertainty. 



 Agile Leadership

At the centre of developing organisations that can flex and prosper in times of change is agile leadership. Our agile leadership modules are licensed to other training organisations, universities and run in many organisations around the world. Why? Because they are the best. They come up with the goods time and time again to develop the attitudes, beliefs, skills and knowledge leaders require to get agile.




 Coping with uncertainty

Many people struggle to achieve optimal performance when things get uncertain. Indeed many people become stressed and incidences of stress related absence often increase in organisations during times of uncertainty. This module is a gem, and shows people how to cope and even prosper during such times. This is another very popular module and has reduced levels of stress related absence by almost 60%.


 Dealing with role ambiguity

Much research has looked at under-performance in organisations and one consistent finding is that role ambiguity is a causal factor in many cases. The usual rush in organisations is to try to reduce role ambiguity. Usually this fails and has unintended consequences such as an increase in decision escalation, reduction in flexibility and resilience. This slot-in module shows people how to deal productively and positively with role ambiguity and increase their flexibility.




 Developing strategy in times of uncertainty

This practical module guides leaders through the process required to produce flexible strategies that keep up with and can even lead change in times of uncertainty. Using the techniques from this module can prevent strategic drift where changing market/environmental conditions can leave the organisation floundering or constantly playing catch-up. This module has been used with great success in some of the most demanding industries like oil, banking, defence and the emergency services for example.


 Developing emotional resilience

 When things get tough, when uncertainty abounds and the only certainty appears to be change, emotional resilience become a key factor in organisational success at all levels. This is one of our core and most popular modules and for very good reasons. We are the worlds leading experts in developing emotional resilience. We train the emergency services, disaster managers, government departments and organisations around the world.




 Developing resilient teams

We are the only company in the world who can develop emotional resilience across entire populations of people. Based on the pioneering work of our own Dr. David Wilkinson, this module equips leaders, managers and development functions (L & D etc.) with the tools, techniques and strategies to develop emotional resilience across entire organisations and make it become ingrained in the culture.


 Resilience for leaders

This specialist 'slot-in' module is designed for those at the top. It shows leaders how to think about, develop and role-model emotionally intelligent and resilient behaviours, and foster these behaviours in others. This module also helps leaders develop an resilient organisation and develop resilient cultures.




Emotional resilience for managers

 Managers set the emotional climate of teams and departments. Recent research has show that the emotional capital of managers is vital for the performance and resilience of their teams and departments. This is particularly the case during difficult and uncertain times like change situations. This is the most popular 'drop-in' module we run. It is always very well received and reviewed.


 Dealing with resistance to change

This is another very popular module, particularly with managers and staff in central services like Human Resources, Organisational Development, Learning and Development etc. In the module we look at the latest research into what causes resistance to change and develop practical strategies for dealing with it.




 Preparing the organisation for change

Creating readiness for change is the most important preparatory step before embarking on any change programme, and this module show you how. Using case studies and the very latest research, you will develop strategies to make sure your organisation is in the very best possible state to achieve your change goals with the minimum of fuss.



 Increasing organisational change capability

What strategies actually increase the organisations capability to change. Using the very latest research, this module looks at practical methods and tools for getting an organisation into a place where it is agile, creative and pro-change. These strategies have a huge impact on an organisations capability during situations of rapid change, when innovation and good judgement making is essential.




 Culture change. What works and what doesn't.

This module looks at the evidence and practice of changing organisational culture. Armed with the latest research and evidence it looks at strategies and tactics for changing an organisations culture into a healthier, more flexible and productive one. It also examines what the pitfalls and traps are for the unwary.


 How to get people to change

This a very well reviewed research briefing and workshop looking at the latest evidence and research into how to get people into a place where they want to change. From the very latest research and evidence from organisations around the globe, this module is both fascinating and practically useful, particularly to those in management and central support service positions.




 Reducing the fear of change

This module links our ground breaking work on emotional resilience with organisational change. Using the famous Fear to Flow model you will get a thorough understanding of how to reduce the fear of change and increase both individuals and the organisations flexiblity and ability to prosper, get creative and win in times of change.