When governments, embassies, the emergency services, companies and universities around the world need help with dealing with uncertainty, ambiguity and emotional resilience this is who they turn to...

Learn how to become a master of ambiguity and your own emotions

We exist to help you navigate difficult and ambiguous times. Our expertise and specialist services focus on developing agile leadership particularly in situations of risk, uncertainty and ambiguity.

Through a mixture of workshops and courses, coaching, shadow coaching, consultancy and bespoke events we guide people and organisations not only to cope with but to profit from ambiguous situations.

Our clients cover a wide range of interests and industries including individual leaders, small and large organisations, governments, banks, companies, government agencies, charities and aid agencies, universities as well as training and development concerns around the globe.

We train some of the worlds most resilient and agile disaster managers and leaders operating in some of the most exacting leadership circumstances in the world. Our disaster leaders and managers are operating in almost every humanitarian and disaster incident in the world today. We fundamentally understand and espouse the difference between resources and resourcefulness. We bring this ‘can do’ attitude to everything we do.

From this very real and grounding basis Centre i has developed a solid reputation for developing some of the worlds most agile, resourceful and resilient leaders and organisations. Every member of our team believes in the philosophy – inspire, innovate, influence, both for us and our clients. Our mission is to create agile, resourceful and resilient leadership and organisations which have at their heart, human and social responsibility and who can cope and gain the advantage in any situation.

In short, we are the experts in:

  1. Agile leadership development,
  2. Developing emotional resilience across entire organisations,
  3. Dealing with uncertain, difficult and ambiguous situations, and
  4. Creativity, innovation and flexibility/agility

We provide:

  • Consultantcy and direct expertise
  • Coaching
  • Mentoringinspire - Innovate - Influence
  • Workshops, programmes and modules
  • Key-note speaking
  • Realisation events
  • Lectures


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